Sophie & Stefan W.

My husband and I needed an English speaking midwife as my husband doesn’t speak French.
We met Blandine and we couldn’t have been more lucky.

She was our midwife for the training lessons; she came four times home and explained us not only the process of the delivery and how to be well prepared but also all the precious informations about the baby cares. As new parents these Information were so useful and helped us to feel more confident.

Blandine is a very passionate person who loves entirely her profession, shares her huge knowledge with love and has the capacity to make you feel very confident.

On top of that, we were even more lucky as she could be with us in the delivery room on the big day. Her presence, her support and her coaching were so important that it contributed to the perfect delivery.

Blandine is more than a midwife to us. She will always have a special place in the story of our family and we will always remember her when we will think about the first moment with our daughter.

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